Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not so "Thrifty Thursday" - William and Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Certificate

An Nice Big White Envelope arrived in the mail yesterday!!! A couple of weeks ago, I lashed out and ordered a copy of William and Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Certificate through Vital Records.  Hopefully the certificate would provide a further clues in unravelling their story. Opening the envelope and sliding out the crisp green document, I crossed my fingers, hoping that my investment would be worth it.

Wedding Certificate William Taylor and Elizabeth Rushworth 17 July 1858

There is something special when you look at a certificate that relates to a family event that occurred over 150 years ago. I can't help wondering if Elizabeth was nervous, were there lots of family members there, or was it just a small celebration?

I already knew that William and Elizabeth were married on the 17 July in 1858, in Barnoldswick, however the certificate has provided me with some new information and leads.  William's occupation is shown as a farmer from Stacksteads, and that Elizabeth was living in Whinberry Harbour, Rawtenstall, Rossendale.  Her Aunt and Uncle Joshua and Mary Rushworth are the witnesses to the marriage, and as they came from Whinberry perhaps Elizabeth was living with them.  William and Elizabeth's first child William was born in the December of 1857 prior to their marriage.  Perhaps Elizabeth (whose mother died when she was only 4 years old) went to live with her Aunt and Uncle for support during her confinement. 

So the investment in William and Elizabeth's certificate was a worthwhile, and I now have another couple of leads to follow up.  I must add Whinberry, Stacksteads and the Parish Church at Barnoldswick onto the list of places to visit while I am in Lancashire.


  1. When you see document of your ancestors, they become more real to you.

    Regards, Grant

  2. Your blog looks great. Gives me some ideas for mine. Cheers, Ed

  3. Thanks, for your comments, I head off on my trip in two days, so hopefully will be able to put up some interesting blogs and pics in the next week or so.