Thursday, May 30, 2013

Those Places Thursday - Exploring Cambridge, Longstanton and Oakington

After a couple of long days traveling I have arrived in Cambridge.  Armed with camera and raincoat, as the drizzle had set in, the day was spend exploring the narrow streets, peering into the grounds of all the Colleges, admiring their lush green gardens and manicured lawns and sampling some of the local culinary delights. (lucky there is a lot of walking involved).

It is exam time, so most of the colleges are closed to the public, but you can still peep in through the ancient wooden doors and stone arches and catch glimpses of amazing architecture that has evolved over the last 500 years. 

Before I start delving into my family tree research, there are all the practicalities of Internet access, new phone number, international roaming etc to be set up.  As my family will confirm, I am not much of a techno whizz!! and usually call on their help, however, when travelling by yourself there isn't much choice.  So, this morning was spent purchasing an Internet "dongle", and new phone card with international roaming. With this sorted I can now settle into some serious digging around the family tree. 

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  1. Have fun! I liked Cambridge, but to my surprise I liked Oxford even more.