Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family Tree Free Day - Skipton Gala Day

Today was a family tree free-day!! Time to spend a day just as a tourist.  So we caught the bus into Skipton, to pick up our hire car, only to find that Skipton was holding their Annual Skipton Gala Day.

The History of the Gala Day dates back to 13 July 1901, when the locals decided to hold a charity gala day to raise money for the Skipton and district Cottage Hospital.  Traditionally the Gala Day begins with a "Grand Procession" which includes the Mayor, trade societies, bands, and princess of the Gala day.  The procession leads to the Brick Buildings Fields off Bailey Road, with the crowd following to join in all the fun at the various stalls set up in the field.

We joined the crowd, and watched as the parade made it's way through the town and up to the field.  The market place, pubs and local parks were overflowing with people celebrating the festival and the beautiful sunny day.  

Skipton Castle
Once the parade had finished, and we had a quick wander around the markets we made our way up to the beautiful grounds of the Skipton Castle. 

After paying the entry fee, we found ourselves climbing down old worn stairs, around the turrets, visiting the grand banquet hall, old kitchens, armory rooms and dungeons. The Castle is over 900 years old and is one of the best preserved and most complete medieval castles in the UK. Well worth the visit.

Banquet Hall - Skipton Castle

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